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Cause Solana Rise In The Last Few Weeks, AutoCuan For The Holder !!

who work in the Solana coin company itself, because in general this coin is very much liked by cryptocurrency traders.

 In the last few months that we can see on the chard solana coin, maybe we have considered that the coin which is often touted as the ethereum killer will stop selling in the cryptocurrency world.

However, even though this can be dismissed by those who work in the Solana coin company itself, because in general this coin is very much liked by cryptocurrency traders.

The destruction experienced by Solana occurred because of cases caused by FTX owners, in which their customers' or members' money was eaten up by them without leaving a penny.

During the dim period of the FTX name, Solana Coin also experienced a decline in interest in the cryptocurrency market, because at that time Solana Coin and the FTX company were collaborating and several projects which would improve the quality of the two coins from the company.

Even though the problem is right before our eyes, solana coin doesn't just stay silent and turn a blind eye to its fans in the cryptocurrency world.

Because those on the Solana side know that loyal Solana fans and lovers are quite busy in the cryptocurrency world and don't want to betray their loyalty in trusting Solana as a crypto asset.

Even though they have experienced a significant loss of money and trust caused by FTX, Solana Coin remains determined to find partners so that they can develop Solana in the world of cryptocurrency and remain the killer of Ethereum.

Solana and its members' hard work and patience have not been in vain during the last few months of 2022.

Because, at the beginning of 2023, Solana has found the right partner to improve the quality of Solana in the cryptocurrency world and provide satisfaction for traders holding Solana coins.

Recently, at the beginning of 2023, there were rumors that Solana had started collaborating with BONK and was working on several projects where the project they are currently working on is called memecoin which is based on Solana.

That is the reason why Solana experienced a drastic increase in the cryptocurrency market in the holiday season at the beginning of 2023 and is sure to bring big smiles to Solana traders and provide new year bonuses for cryptocurrency traders.

The increase in the solana coin on the market has reached up to 125% from its last price in 2022 when there is almost no selling or buying of this super magic coin.

Even though Solana experienced an increase at the beginning of the week in 2023, several tokens and coins also experienced a significant increase in price on the crypto market and gave crypto traders a bright smile from the assets they owned.

tokens and coins that have also experienced an increase in early 2023 are Solana, Bitcoin, Litcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tron, Shiba inu and there are many more cryptocurrency coins that have experienced price increases in early 2023.

This is a new history for traders in the world of cryptocurrencies as well as a valuable lesson for buying when prices are falling and selling when prices have increased.