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Cryptocurrency Has Increased Due To Virus

Cryptocurrency Has Increased Due To Virus

At the beginning of 2020 the world experienced a very deadly disaster that could wipe out all humanity on this earth, the Virus.

due to virus, a large or small country is experiencing a very bad economic downturn, the news is that the Virus is from China, right in Wuhan City, Therefore, China is experiencing an increase in the financial level that is almost past the United Statessuddenly experienced a very bad Drastic Decline.

Not only China, all countries affected by the corona virus also experienced a downturn, especially Indonesia, Indonesia is also very badly affected by the virus. In addition, the country's debt has not been paid off to foreign countries.

However, the investment that is now in demand by large and small investors has no effect at all, namely cryptocurrency, at the beginning of March last Bitcoin had occupied a very very worrying decline but in one week the price of its many coinsconcerned with cryptocurrency began to stabilize and recover slowly. Bitcoin has no effect at all on the onset of the deadly virus. Currently, the price of bitcoin is recovering and investors who use Cryptocurrency as an investment tool are not worried about the decline in their assets.

bitcoin, dogecoi, litecoin, TRX, vidy, ETH, BCH, BSV and other coins have started to experience stable, news Cryptocurrency has no pathway to the virus, that's why cryptocurrency does not go down due to corona virus attacks in 2020.