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Bitter Bitcoin Battle With Other Blockchain Is Happening, Bitcoin vs.


Bitcoin VS Solana VS Litecoin VS Ethereum VS Shiba inu VS Doge.

In the world of cryptocurrencies is experiencing a very fierce battle and it is happening in the Bitcoin crypto asset.

As you are feeling right now, indeed in the last few years, it has become a topic of conversation for Bitcoiners and provides a defense for bitcoin when compared to other blockchain assets.

Some people even directly attack other blockchains in public.

They say and claim that bitcoin is the only choice of the best of the best crypto assets of all cryptocurrencies.

They also say that other crypto assets are a nuisance to the cryptocurrency world today and into the future.

People like this are usually referred to as Bitcoin Maximalists, if you say bad about bitcoin, they will attack you directly.

However, recently it has been different from before, because since the battle that occurred in 2017, there has never been and there has never been an internal debate about discussing bitcoin.

At that time the problem occurred because of the problem because of the thing about increasing bitcoin block size in terms of helping and sustaining bitcoin scaling.

This will allow bitcoin transactions to be faster and cheaper than usual, something bitcoiners are very concerned about.

From battle after battle, so that in the end gave birth to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) while bitcoin stands firm now as the winner of the debate, so that the controversy at that time was perfectly silenced.

Even so, some people are of the opinion that the block size battle gave birth to bitcoin maxis and there are also others.

There are even those who give opinions about bitcoin which we currently know will become extinct and will be replaced by maxis bitcoin for the continuity and good name of bitcoin.

Even though the bitcoiners got their win and were able to protect bitcoin, maxis bitcoin must find its next battle to help bitcoin.

Maybe that's why they attack other blockchains in public in person.

Over time, certain groups originating from the world's largest bitcoin maxis perform purity tests on real people to be considered as true bitcoiners.

Because, in general, they think that bitcoin is sacred and must be used for certain purposes in life.

Like to buy something that we can have by means of payment using bitcoin and in other positive transactions.

Bitcoin is also considered to be able to protect your savings for old age and can be equated with other investments.

It is also made for NFT, airdrop, staking, trading, DeFi, so the distractions that steal our attention will be eradicated.

Because, in general, bitcoiners will only focus on collecting as many bitcoins as possible from various directions and various ways.

As for the battle that takes place in bitcoin, it covers various other blockchains, such as.

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Bitcoin vs bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin vs dogecoin.

Bitcoin vs ethereum vs polkadot.

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