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How to Do Solana Staking Using the Ledger Hardware Wallet.


Using a hardware wallet does offer a lot of advantages, especially from enhanced security in a number of ways.

In our previous article, we reviewed Solana staking using a trusted online wallet.

But this time you will review how to do staking using the Ledger wallet.

Using a hardware wallet does offer a lot of advantages, especially from enhanced security in a number of ways.

This wallet is designed to provide safeguards for your private keys to stay offline and certainly away from potential hacks and attacks by irresponsible people.

This method really works well when you compare with other wallets, because usually we can't control our own private keys in the market.

Therefore, it is very risky for you to experience loss of assets if the market company decides to run away or go bankrupt.

You need to know that the main drawback of staking using the Ledger wallet is that you have to repeat the steps above to re-deposit the profits you get.

If you decide to use an online wallet like Phantom, your assets will be combined automatically.

However, this does not apply to the Ledger wallet if you want to make a deposit again, so you should consider it carefully.

To understand how to do this, let's jump right into the topic we've already covered.

In the explanation of this article, we will explain to you how to stake Solana cryptocurrencies using the Ledger Nano wallet.

1. You already have a nano wallet. If you don't have a Ledger Nano wallet, you can buy it and do the settings first.

To do the setup properly, you can follow the instructions given by the seller according to the device you have to prepare the wallet and install the Solana application to completion.

2. Send solana to the ledger wallet that you registered earlier, then you have to send solana to the Ledger Nano wallet that you already have.

To send Solana, you can do it using a wallet or from another market to the nano ledger address that you already have.

You can also make purchases of Solana on the ledger application directly without having to bother opening other applications or websites, there you can do it yourself right away.

3. Deposit your Solana into Staking.

Once solana has been sent to Ledger Nano perfectly, you have to open the Ledger live app and you have to associate it to your solana account.

To link it, you can follow the steps below without having to experience confusion.

1. Click the stake button.

2. Choose the validator you want.

3. Determine the amount of solana that you want to use for staking on the validator that you want to delegate.

4. Go ahead and approve the amount of Solana that you want to trade in the ledger wallet.

5. Done. You have done staking using solana from ledger nano wallet, Congratulations.

The best solana staking reward that you have made will be sent directly to the ledger wallet that you have about twice a week and that is valid forever.

Happy betting.

If you want to stake other crypto assets, you can read the method on our website in detail.

Because, the explanation we make is the easiest way for everyone to follow even if they don't understand how staking itself works.