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The biggest reason Solana quit was other failures

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Solana is often referred to as being created as an Ethereum killer, even though it failed, including failing or not being achieved.

Because this blockchain often experiences technical errors that can cause network closures and this has happened so often that it has even become a tradition.

If calculated from the beginning of each quarter, these blockchain users experience congestion or are unable to complete each transaction.

This is because the Network experienced a blackout over a period of 19 hours and became the biggest blackout in the last 12 months of this year.

The network failure in this transaction occurred on February 25 after attempting to upgrade or upgrade to version 1.14.

This caused the chain to branch out and the speed of transaction processing dropped drastically from 5,000 TPS to 100 TPS.

The validators also made the decision to return to using version 1.13 but instead experienced an error in making that decision.

Because this makes the problem worse and worse, resulting in the network being completely stopped for a while and a rollback to the old unit is still being carried out.

Chorus One, as a network partner they try to find common ground on the network which is very useful to get back up and running smoothly.

Other blockchain users have also noted the fiasco, that it is not just about decentralization but about very bad design.

This proves that Solana has demonstrated for the 15th time that the nodes they use are highly dependent on one another.

However, the cause of the failure is still not clear, their development team is currently conducting a thorough investigation.

This is done to ensure that no transactions of investors and users are confirmed and affected by this failure and this also does not affect the value of the coin itself.

Users as well as some Solana developers have come to terms with this network feature failure, although the failures are occasional but very significant.

However, Solana has a foundation in the wardrobe of 35 million SOL or around $800 million and that is what FTX is still holding.

At the end of the trial, the remaining solana coins will be sold to pay off losses to solana investors.

This surge in supply will not be able to help with capitalization, so the already very close business relationship with crypto exchanges will collapse,

It has also led to the departure of two of Solana's largest NFT project partners and joined by a more positive one.