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The Metaverse Is Already In Our Daily Lives

The term metaverse was actually coined by a sci-fi novel writer, Neal Stephenson, and the word was already in his novel in 1992.
The emergence of virtual reality and blockchain technology today has brought the metaverse to the attention of cryptocurrency investors in the world.

However, do you know what the metaverse is? and Are we all alive and already in it?

The term metaverse was actually coined by a sci-fi novel writer, Neal Stephenson, and the word was already in his novel in 1992.

The novel created in 1992 by Neal Stephenson is entitled "Snow Crash".

The story of the novel is more related to future technology, which fully refers to cyberspace.

Which is where we can interact and access it using technology, this story is similar to a combination of the internet, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Even though we may not have a fully realized metaverse, there may be some elements of the metaverse that already exist in our lives.

For example, like the social media that we often use, namely YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, these platforms provide a place for us to create digital identities and we can interact directly with our friends.

Not only that, online games that many gamers play also provide this to make it easy to interact with each other.

We can easily connect with them directly without having to meet, this can already be said in the metaverse class.

Even though we can interact directly with each other, it still has some differences in real life.

It does not separate us from our real everyday life. unless the apocalypse hits this earth directly.

About that, we never know, only God knows about it in full and in detail when it happened.

The Metaverse has enormous potential, because now we have new technologies such as blockchain platforms and virtual reality headsets.

these things can be interconnected and more immersive for us to use in our daily life.

Maybe in the end the metaverse that is currently starting to develop can replace the position of the internet that we currently use.

It may also have a positive impact on building a trading system and offering a new system for interacting on social media.

At this time, maybe we can already see the working system of office employees who work from home using digital.

The developers who created the metaverse will continue to run their business and some people out there will invest in them.

Of course the metaverse may experience potential losses, because data privacy and security have become the concern of IT working in the metaverse.

Because in real life maybe identity has become an easy thing to be stolen by someone who wants it.