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6 Very Important Rules For You To Follow If You Are New To Cryptocurrency.


In recent years, Cryptocurrency has become a common conversation among those working in the investment world as well as in the financial world.

In recent years, Cryptocurrency has become a common conversation among those working in the investment world as well as in the financial world.

So that's why more and more people are flocking to get involved in the action that exists in the cryptocurrency world.

Even so, if you want to join for the first time in the world of cryptocurrency, you should study it first before deciding to join how to invest.

Because, usually investing in the crypto world has a very very complex navigational landscape and often changes erratically.

For those of you who want to start joining the world of cryptocurrency, you should apply some of the things that we have prepared below properly and in detail.

So that you never experience regret and you are also not wrong in making your choice correctly and correctly.

1. Doing Research.

Before jumping straight into crypto to invest in any form of coin, it's best if we do a thorough test and do research on the projects that are in it.

You can do this in several ways that you can easily do, such as.

a. Check on social media.

b. check their website.

c. Read the project whitepapers they are working on.

d. Look for some well-known news websites related to their project.

e. Looking for reviews from all possible angles that it is a promising project.

If you do research as we have explained above, that means it can give you a little understanding of what you have found, whether it is positive or negative for investment.

2. Do not invest excessively.

Coins and tokens that exist in cryptocurrencies have a very speculative and volatile market value, it can change your life in a short time if you are not good at using your finances.

So therefore, to invest in the world of cryptocurrency you only need to use half of the money you have.

So that later if you experience a mistake in choosing an investment, you still have the funds to try it again, so that you get a profit that can return all the funds you have spent on investing.

3. Using a Trusted Cryptocurrency Platform.

When you buy, sell and store cryptocurrency assets, you should use a platform that has sufficient reputation to secure your assets.

Because, a crypto platform that already has a good reputation will certainly have very good security features too and of course have a CS that is very friendly to its users.

To ensure your funds are safe there, this is enough to help you ensure that your funds remain safe.

4. Protect Account Passwords.

The password that you use to register on a platform is a private key that you must keep confidential.

Because, with this password which only you know, the security of the funds that you have must also be guaranteed.

Always make sure to remember or store it in a very secret place, because if you forget it, you will definitely lose access to your funds forever.

5. Verify Ownership.

The same thing as portfolios that we usually encounter in the real world, in the world of cryptocurrency also requires verification of ownership of crypto assets that we have invested in a cryptocurrency platform.

Methods like this can help you to increase your chances of profit in the long run and can help you reduce risk.

It can also help you to know that you are not putting your assets in one project that exists in the cryptocurrency world.

6. Follow News About Cryptocurrencies.

As we explained earlier, cryptocurrencies have a journey that is always changing, whether it's a new project, regulations and prices that are uncertain where it will go.

To stay in a safe position, you should stay abreast of the latest crypto news that you follow on an UP-TO-DATE basis.

In this way, you will definitely know what you want to do next with the assets you have.

The conclusion you can draw is, to get to know cryptocurrency for the first time, you need the six rules that we have implemented above.

This can ensure that the investment you want to live has good health and do it wisely.

It can also help you to prepare yourself for the reality in the future, whether the investment you make gives you luck or only gives you a loss.