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USDC Is Integrated In Arbitrum ONE To Facilitate Cryptocurrency-Supporting Business Transactions.

NOWPayments is a payment platform based on cryptocurrency and is currently happy to have integrated USDC into the Arbitrum ONE network as a means of payment.


NOWPayments is a payment platform based on cryptocurrency and is currently happy to have integrated USDC into the Arbitrum ONE network as a means of payment.

By integrating USDC into the Arbitrum network, it is possible for the business you currently have to have a positive impact, because your business can use it as payment.

This is one of the developments that is developing significantly in the cryptocurrency industry, because in this way many businesses will accept crypto payments as a payment currency.

Benefits and uses of USDC in the Arbitrum network.

As we already know, USDC is one of the stablecoins that has been priced according to the price of the United States dollar, where the value of the USDC follows the price of the dollar from time to time.

This is what makes it an ideal means of payment for a small business or a business that is already growing rapidly to avoid the volatility of other cryptos.

The Arbitrum ONE network is a layer 2 solution built on top of the Ethereum network which already provides many advantages, one of which is its ability to increase scalability.

This is what makes it faster and more cost-effective in terms of transactions when compared to Ethereum.

Arbitrum currently uses a unique feature called ROLLUP, where several transactions that occur are combined into one, thereby saving transaction fees and increasing scalability.

This unique feature that Arbitrum has can also allow merging into one and carrying out the process in one block, so that it can save on transaction costs individually.

So because of that, with USDC on the Arbitrum ONE network, businesses that currently support crypto as a means of payment will benefit more from Arbitrum's speed and low transaction fees which will be a very definite guarantee.

If we do a comparison between USDCARB and Fiat payments, it will be very easy to ascertain the advantages of these two payment methods.

As I explained above, USDCARB provides many advantages when compared to fiat payments or transactions from traditional banks.

USDCARB payments have a faster time when making transactions and have much cheaper fees, that's because the transaction process is on a decentralized blockchain network.

That way, businesses using USDCARB can avoid the high transaction costs of traditional payments, which are much more expensive and have much slower transaction times.

In general, USDC is the US dollar in digital form that can be accepted by the whole world, so that it can be a good transaction tool and easily accepted by all groups.

As a stablecoin, USDC provides transparency that is very accurate and safe, this is because its value has been determined properly according to the actual price of the United States dollar.

It also makes it the same as fiat currency when it is used to make payment transactions in various ways.

The development of USDCARB in the crypto world as a means of payment in the business sector will probably be very well received by many entrepreneurs.

Even so, the USDC integration owned by Arbitrum ONE is only one example of the many crypto industries that are currently growing very rapidly.

This is because business needs are currently also increasing as well as consumer needs for convenience in terms of transactions is a vision that must be fulfilled by all business people.