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Euler Finance Hackers Recover $197 Million They Stole.

In the third month of  2023 there is an unpleasant report that leads to the cryptocurrency world and harms certain parties.
In the third month of  2023 there is an unpleasant report that leads to the cryptocurrency world and harms certain parties.

Euler Finance is a cryptocurrency-based decentralized lending platform that has suffered huge losses.

According to news that has now been verified that euler finance is experiencing a critical period due to the actions of irresponsible hackers.

Right on March 13, this lending platform lost $198 million, of which hackers had stolen that much money.

This lending platform declares their product as a non-custodial protocol on ETH coins where users can make loans and lend all the crypto assets they have.

Because, at this time Euler Finance already supports almost all cryptocurrency coins and tokens, so users can freely do what they want.

Therefore, hackers can carry out theft in euler finance using cryptocurrency coins available there.

Until now, euler finance as a decentralized lending platform has confirmed their loss.

Crypto that has been brought by hackers is as follows.

1. $135.8 Million in Ethereum.

2. $33.8 Million in USDC

3. $18.5 Million in WBTC currency

4. 8.7 Million in DAI currency

According to the news that has been circulating about euler finance, they have stated their ultimatum the day after the theft occurred.

They asked for 90% of the funds they had taken within 24 hours after the ultimatum was issued.

because if not, then they will demand that whoever is able to find the hackers and return all the stolen money in exchange for $1 Million.

Because of this statement, hackers feel that their existence in this world has begun to be threatened, because in general, nothing is impossible in this world if you pay $ 1 million in dollars.

Since the statement was issued, a few days later the hackers started responding to euler finance using on-chain and saying that they wanted to return what they had taken.

After talking via on-chain and fulfilling the agreement between the hacker and euler finance about returning the stolen funds.

The agreement ended with a voice call between hackers and euler finance to reach a definite agreement.

In the event of this one case only applies to euler finance companies as a decentralized lending platform.

So that the users in it do not feel the loss, because since the beginning of the incident, euler finance has taken care of all the problems.

Therefore, the loss which has now been calculated up to $ 198 million does not affect the users who are in it.