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Market Experiences Drastic Price Decline In One Day, Investors Suffer Losses.

Market experiences drastic price decline in one day, investors suffer losses. 

At the beginning of the month leading up to the Bitcoin halving, cryptocurrency traders experienced losses of up to 25% on the previous day's price. 

The consequences of this loss are actually not insignificant for traders, because the incident was quite sudden and no one could have guessed that at the beginning of APRIL they would experience such a big loss. 

Because, on March 30, prices were quite stable and even showed a chart that was going up.

We can see this when from April 1 morning to noon the price of compact cryptocurrencies increased by up to 15%. However, this dream did not last long, because when the clock showed that it was going to be late afternoon, crypto prices also collectively decreased in a few hours.

 And until now on a different day and date, the cryptocurrency chart is also collectively still experiencing a decline and is even deeper than before. 

Will this be the end of crypto in the world? because, as we know, before the halving there were a lot of foreign investors moving into cryptocurrency. 

Even many young people who are studying business have also entered the world of cryptocurrency, since the beginning of 2024 until now in Indonesia there have been 50 million registered accounts on local and foreign exchanges. 

Because this new thing is happening, there may be some people who will bow down, because their mentality has not yet been tempered in facing big losses. 

Therefore, since this afternoon, many people have contacted my Telegram account to ask me about the clarity of the current market. 

Therefore, I also cannot explain it in detail, because things like this are very normal for us as cryptocurrency holders. 

The rise and fall of market prices is actually very normal and even if we are in a market that we usually encounter, even in supermarkets, this is very normal for us to encounter. 

Therefore, for those of you who have already entered the world of cryptocurrency, it is best to use cold money to avoid the problem of immersion.