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Solana's Record Lasted Only 351 Days And Had Another Bloody Incident.

The SOLANA Blockchain Network experienced another major power outage in 2024 and this was the first case this year. This happened after more than a year since the blackout which occurred several years ago, in 2022 to be precise.

When you read this article, perhaps the SOLANA network will be working well again after the power outage that SOLANA experienced for 5 hours. When compared to previous outages, the current power outage does not seem to have had an excessive impact on the price of SOL in the market.

Even so, there has been a lot of criticism given by people within the crypto community, this is because SOLANA's popularity is crazy

If we go back to the past, the outage experienced by Solana had the worst record high in blockchain technology, giving a very serious appearance at that time to the price of SOL on the market. In addition, the FTX case at that time made SOLANA experience a very deep downturn.

If we look back, the misery felt by SOL was quite affected, where the price of SOLANA at that time fell very significantly to reach $10 and that was the biggest decline experienced by Solana.

Solana should now learn from previous failures, because according to surveys the SOL spinners on the market are quite good, so slogans have emerged in the crypto community saying that "solana is a tough competitor for the ETHEREUM blockchain network"

The decline in the price of SOL on the market turned out to be caused by a massive power outage and this incident was experienced by Solana for up to 5 hours. The engineers and various mechanical staff owned by Solana worked as best as possible for 5 hours to restore the function of the system owned by Solana.

Even so, there has been a lot of criticism given by people within the crypto community, this is because SOLANA's popularity is crazy, especially with the second mobile phone project which was announced some time ago, reaching 60,000 orders.

It seems that the trust of SOLANA fans in the crypto community in their ideas is very high, so that those who use and trade using the Solana blockchain no longer care about the risks, so that the crypto community does not give sarcastic criticism of Solana because of this warming.

Even though Solana operations have now returned to normal, we can see the operational process taking place on the blockchain. Because previously the operation was temporarily stopped so that the price of SOL on the market did not immediately fall as in the previous case.

We must remain vigilant about the assets we own, especially SOLANA. Because in overcoming the problem of power outages, will the blockchain network still be as active as before or will it experience problems again?

If this happens, then it is certain that SOLANA has a much bigger problem than just a power outage. We must remain vigilant and do everything carefully about what happens to SOLANA.

We have to do this to be on guard against the SOL we have, to determine whether to stay with a high level of loyalty or even have to leave Solana for a while until the problem is 100% resolved, so that we don't experience big losses and get worse in the case. owned by SOLANA itself.