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Solana Experiences Price Slump In Second Month Of The Year.

 Solana Experiences Price Slump In Second Month Of The Year.

Solana blockchain fans will definitely not miss the surprises provided by Solana in the past few months, where these surprises have had a big impact on loyal Solana holders or investors from the lower classes to the heavyweights.

How could it not be, at the beginning of 2023 Solana experienced a price decline that was quite surprising for Solana enthusiasts themselves, because the price of Solana fell to the bottom of the sea, which was deeper than most people expected.

At that time, SOL experienced a price drop of up to $10 per coin and this resulted in huge losses for all traders and Solana coin holders.

No one could have predicted that Solana would experience this, so many Solana users started to abandon it and some remained and even took the opportunity to increase their Solana supply.

Even so, this happened not because of a mistake made by the Solana developers themselves, but rather this happened because of a case experienced by a company called FTX.

Just for your information, FTX was one of the biggest investors in Solana at that time, so the bankruptcy that FTX experienced had a bad impact on Solana, so because of this the confidence of other investors began to waver and they carried out mass sales of Solana coins and Solana plummeted to the low point was at $10.

Even though they have experienced various obstacles and had several problems in carrying out transactions, Solana developers have not retreated, but have moved forward without paying attention to the ridicule that comes from various directions.

Since then, Solana has improved their system one by one and started attracting large investors to support the project they designed to make it easier for Solana users to carry out transactions.

From that moment on, investors began to arrive with superhuman strength and unlimited funds, resulting in the creation of the project they had been working on. As we can now see, Solana can now carry out transactions within 24 hours and there are many more improvements and changes that Solana will launch at the end of 2023.

When this was launched, the price of Solana soared to $125 in early 2024 and that has reached a 1250% price increase from its lowest price in 2023 which was around $10.

At that time, many Solana holders were happy when they saw that the value of their investment in Solana had skyrocketed, so that their long wait for Solana was not in vain and now they felt the real sweetness of sugar that came from SOLANA.

am also one of the connoisseurs of the revelry presented by Solana, with the ownership of 5000 Solana coins which I bought when the price of Solana was at $11

I am also one of the connoisseurs of the revelry presented by Solana, with the ownership of 5000 Solana coins which I bought when the price of Solana was at $11 and now you just have to calculate how much profit Solana has given me in a period of one year. This.

Even so, lately Solana has experienced a price decline of up to 25% from its highest price this year. In fact, this can be considered normal, because each cryptocurrency coin will have a period where they do what they have to do at the current price. This.

In addition, Solana has just woken up from sleep, of course they will also examine the weak points in the system they have repaired, who knows, maybe there are some points that still need improvement and so on.

However, as the owner of 5000 Solana, I personally remain steadfast in believing in Solana for the technology they have and continue to believe in what they want to present to users, because from the beginning until now the vision and mission of Solana has remained steadfast in providing convenience. and speed in transactions in the blockchain world.