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World Finances Are Shaken

World Finances Are Shaken

Yes, As we know, VC Which comes from WUHAN, China is very disturbing to the country's economy, because this virus can kill victims who have it.

Since the beginning of the arrival of the CV, the state finances around the world began to decline and caused several investors in each country to go bankrupt.

In general, this virus only exists in China, exactly in WUHAN, but it continues to run until almost all the Earth has fatalities that cause deaths due to CV outbreaks. Until now, victims who suffer from diseases caused CV is always falling, Governments in every country are always on guard to protect their people from the deadly virus.

We see countries that are very enthusiastic about this virus, such as ARAB, the arap country stops its guests to worship to Mecca only to prevent transmission of the virus to its inhabitants. It is not yet known how many people have contracted this deadly virus in the country, but the State which is known for its source of oil wealth has stopped guests from abroad to worship in his country. The handling of the Arabian King is indeed appropriate and is highly valued by a number of religious figures, because the President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir.H. Joko Widodo also said that all activities will be carried out at home, ranging from students, state officials to private workers are also encouraged to do work at home.

That is why, world finance is increasingly declining and out of control, in contrast to Cryptocurrency investors, indeed the decline in the price of Bitcoin a week ago was very disappointing, but today has begun to improve and investors who have Cryptocurrency assets can smile again.