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What Can We Expect From Solana Chapter 2 and What is Different from chapter 1?

 At a time when the crypto world was experiencing very, very high turbulence, at that time Solana was also experiencing various trials and obstacles, at which time Solana's lifespan was still relatively short. When this upheaval occurred, Solana was still 4 years old.

SBF really fought for this with FTX, where at that time FTX was the treasurer of Solana and also the largest shareholder and the platform had been designed using the technology owned by FTX.

They were quite strong performers in the bull market in 2021 until Solana's ATH reached $250. Not long after, FTX experienced a decline until it suffered huge losses and finally collapsed. At that time, Solana experienced a very unexpected nightmare, mass sales occurred from various countries and the price of Solana at that time reached only $10 in early 2023.

Even so, all the nightmares that have passed are now forgotten by SOLANA and provide a very beautiful story in early 2024, so that SOL has now become very prominent among cryptocurrency investors.

The Solana development center now continues to provide support to several projects and fixes the bad user cases of the past and turns them into better ones.

Old cases received by Solana during the period of falling Solana prices have been the center of attention of the Solana team since 2023, which is why Solana prices have experienced quite a high increase at the end of 2023 until now.

Even though there has been a decline in the past few days, this is not a reason for SOLANA to retreat and this is an encouragement to remain standing tall. This is also the benchmark for Solana to enter the MOBILE sector and it has been eagerly awaited by Solana investors or traders all this time.

If we look at when Solana was first launched, the cost problem which had been quite expensive could be easily overcome by Solana and there were many other benefits that Solana provided when it was first launched and could be used en masse. And now we are in the second period that has just been launched, so we can explore how Solana has developed based on its predecessors.

When Solana Gem Kali was launched in the mobile sector, the blockchain community was very enthusiastic and welcomed it with joy, since then demand has continued to increase. This is done with the aim of so that Solana users get new experiences from the technology provided by Solana.

Because Solana jumped into the mobile world with a mission to provide something that no other blockchain has ever provided using decentralized applications (dApps) on the blockchain network.

The first time Solana had a smartphone was a saga. Saga was first launched in mid-2023 with a price tag of around $1,000.

The launch created extreme tension, this was because demand for Saga was quite low and there was almost no response from Solana investors, so the price of Saga fell by 40% to $599.

Even so, Solana tried to reverse reality and succeeded with satisfying results, because at that time the memecoin project which had the BONK dog logo announced to the whole world that they would send BONK tokens for free to everyone who had SAGA.

From that moment on, Saga experienced a drastic increase in demand and almost within a day it was sold out. After last night's party, BONK Tokens had a value that was much more valuable than cellphones and buyers got the devices.