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Cryptocurrencies will have a big impact this April.

 The cryptocurrency market will now continue its bullish streak in April, therefore at the beginning of April we found market prices experiencing a decline in recent times.

Bitcoin is also experiencing a fairly large decline at the moment, however, the US SEC has recently agreed that we need to be able to understand investment opportunities that can promise good profits for our cryptocurrency assets.

Therefore, SOLANA currently has a position as a very attractive choice for most cryptocurrency investors.

To date, Rekt Capital expert analysis has pointed to SOLANA as a cryptocurrency asset that has shown very promising signs.

This is because SOLANA currently has a BULL FLAG form on the charts in all cryptocurrency markets.

Currently the price of SOLANA is around $170, although last March the price of Solana was around $160 but it can still be recovered easily to more than $200.

From this we can confirm that a mass buying show could occur in the price range of $170 - $173 for the beginning of April.

In this situation, a price increase of 7% can be achieved in one week and 45% in a month.

Therefore, SOLANA currently has a position as a very attractive choice for most cryptocurrency investors.

As of April 3, Solana is experiencing a price decline that is good enough to make a purchase after the high increase experienced by Solana on the 1st yesterday.

Solana is currently still at the lowest price of $174 and the highest price is around $180 and this may not fall further, because until now bitcoin has shown prices rising back towards $70,000.

Apart from Solana which we discussed earlier, DOGECOIN also doesn't want to lose, currently DOGECOIN is heading towards a significant rebound.

Until now the closing price of Doge is in the range of $0.20 or a price increase of up to 20% in a week as the closing price and a 70% increase in price in a month.

From this period we can confirm that DOGECOIN has shown the potential for quite significant and very good price increases in a matter of months.

In the month leading up to the Bitcoin HALVING, DOGECOIN will probably set foot in the price range of $0.03, maybe more.

Of the two coins above, currently LTC also does not want to remain in the same situation as before.

In recent days, LITECOIN has broken the chain of its eternal bearish trend in the cryptocurrency world.

As we know, since the cryptocurrency market price experienced a very high price increase, LTC is still relaxed at just tens of dollars.

Even though it has increased, it has not had much of an impact on investors' profits and the prices are also quite volatile and uncertain.

However, in recent days, LTC has shown that it also does not want to be left behind in providing profits for its beloved investors.

Therefore, you can also consider LITECOIN in acquiring it now to get good profits in the future.

In my opinion, the three coins that I have explained above can represent the many crypto coins that have the potential for price increases of up to 100% and even more.