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KuCoin Forces Its Users To Switch To Other Trading Platforms Via Trading Passwords.

 With a password in the trading section, you must add it when you want to trade.
Currently the cryptocurrency trading platform KuCoin has implemented a password for regular trades, so its users are starting to stay away from the platform.

Because, with this password regulation, it will take you longer to trade, unlike what you usually do.

With a password in the trading section, you must add it when you want to trade.

This is quite annoying for many KuCoin users, because when you want to trade you have to fill in the password first before doing it.

The reason for KuCoin implementing this rule is to protect the assets of KuCoin users themselves from fraudulent users.

However, it is different for many users of one of the global platforms that many cryptocurrency investors know, this is quite disturbing for many KuCoin users.

So now many KuCoin users are moving their assets to other top global platforms, this is done because they feel the convenience of trading on KuCoin is starting to decrease.

The biggest mistake again is, KuCoin does not implement the option to activate or deactivate the rules they apply, so everything has to do according to what KuCoin wants.

For now, there are many users who feel disturbed by the trading password applied by KuCoin, even a trader from Indonesia said that he had withdrawn all his assets from the KuCoin platform because of this one problem.

Actually, the security of an account is really needed to protect the assets that we have, but practicality in trading is something that needs to be a priority that must be implemented by a platform.

Currently, neither platform implements trading passwords, KuCoin is the only one that implements such security.

For what airdrop seekers can do, they will still use KuCoin to receive the payments they get.

However, they will transfer assets if they want to trade, this is because the convenience and practicality of trading has been removed from the KuCoin platform.