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World Financial Development Weakening

World Financial Development Weakening.

The impact of the virus which is very disruptive to the activities of the people in each country is very disturbing, because it is because of the virus in every country lockdown so that people in each country avoid this deadly disease.

At this time the virus has occupied in every country and has taken many victims from every country such as Wuhan (China), Italy to Indonesia, my country, in Indonesia at this time the victims of who have reached 102 people and thousands there are only 60 people infected with  but recovering from this deadly virus.

It does not end there, Indonesia's state finance is also increasingly crisis due to the Lockdown in the President's Republic of Indonesia, so that large companies to small factories close and rest their employees Temporarily, I don't know how long the closure will take effect, but certainly until the situation of the country or the world is safer from disease than the Corona Virus.

Indonesia's State finance is currently getting worse, If we look at the statistics of Indonesia's state finance VS America (RP vs $) Then the rupiah is very weak, in 2019 Indonesian finance is still fairly strong because it is at Rp. 14,000 / 1 $ But now the number has changed to Rp. 17,000 / 1 $, this makes the state of the country weaker because the price of Indonesia's money is getting worse.

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