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Cryptocurrency Rulers in Indonesia, Very Sided with the Government.


This was done to avoid scammers who roam among traders who often deceive novice traders by mining crypto coins.

Cryptocurrency is a line of stock assets that are currently in great demand by various groups in Indonesia, the players range from school children to the top entrepreneurs in the country.

The growth of cryptocurrency in Indonesia itself is very influential on economic growth among the government, because the government's collection of transaction taxes on cryptocurrencies provides very good control.

This was done to avoid scammers who roam among traders who often deceive novice traders by mining crypto coins.

However, the ruler of cryptocurrency assets in Indonesia is held by the owner of the indodax market named Oscar Dermawan.

Oscar Dermawan is the owner of Indodax which is currently widely used by traders in Indonesia and even in Asia.

In Indonesia alone, traders who use Indodax reach up to millions of traders and place their assets there up to billions of rupiah.

The government also gave their appreciation to Mr. Oscar Dermawan as the father of cryptocurrency in Indonesia.

Because, only Mr. Oscar is a philanthropist who always strengthens the government system in Indonesia to collect taxes from cryptocurrency traders and always supports the government to always be optimistic about supporting the development of cryptocurrency in Indonesia.

This is also supported by the president of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo, the support given by President Jokowi is the permissibility of cryptocurrencies as a tool or stock assets as an investment tool.

However, this is still limited in terms of transactions, because Indonesia attaches great importance to using the rupiah to increase it in the eyes of the world.

At Indodax, hundreds of crypto coins and tokens are also available which are very popular and liked by traders in the world, because Indodax attaches great importance to the trust of its members in choosing coins or tokens that have the best quality in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

Therefore, you will not find coins or tokens that are not of low quality on this crypto platform that is owned by this generous Oscar.

Also, the CS support that Indodax has is also very friendly and provides the very best service in the cryptocurrency world.

If you also want to join the cryptocurrency world, indodax is a market that you need to try and even trust, because it will be far from fraud and various other problems.