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Traveling Between Blockchain Chains Will Now be Even Easier Using ZEUS.

 Traveling between blockchain Chains will now be even easier using ZEUS.

Usually transactions between cryptocurrency blockchain chains have their own difficulties, considering that the differences between these two blockchains are really quite complicated and contradictory.

But now it can be said that this no longer applies to BITCOIN and SOLANA, because transactions can now use ZEUS NODE smoothly and seamlessly.

This is also the advantage of ZEUS NODE so that big investors come to them with confidence.

These inter-chain layers can communicate and are built in SVM, these inter-chain transactions are also proposed and stored in SOLANA itself.

However, this inter-chain transaction only applies to BITCOIN and SOLANA, and this is the first time this has occurred in the cryptocurrency world.

This was achieved according to an agreement based on a proposal by ZEUS NODE who wanted to change the transaction system to be much safer and smoother between blockchain chains.

According to the agreement that has been designed from the start, transactions that occur on ZEUS NETWORK will be signed in detail and will be collected at the access layer itself.

The signature provided by Zeus also includes a new breakthrough in the world of cryptocurrency, where the signature can be directly programmed using ZPL (Zeus Programming Library).

Signed transactions can directly target the blockchain precisely without errors that can take time and cost more.

The Zeus Node relay will sign existing transactions in order to target the blockchain directly.

With the latest system that ZEUS NODE has, it can also detect illegal transactions with detailed evidence of fraud without the slightest error.

So when making transactions using ZEUS NODE, someone among them commits fraud.

So those of you who feel disadvantaged by this transaction can secure the transaction with Zeus Network using proof of fraud regarding the transaction.

So that the transaction can be immediately canceled by ZEUS NODE automatically, so the losses you may experience can be resolved and the fraudsters can also be immediately blacklisted automatically using the system used by ZEUS NODE.

This is also the advantage of ZEUS NODE so that big investors come to them with confidence.